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Existing Business Cases

Case: Community Futures of Greater Trail Connectivity Community Futures (CF) gained access to fibre in 2010 when they moved above Canada Post in the old Federal building.  An agreement with the City of Trail allowed CF to run fibre between buildings to access CMON fibre and utilize an Invermere based service provider.  CF currently uses a 25Mb/s connection. Business Case Community Futures uses video conferencing on average two or three times each week saving in excess of $25,000 in annual travel time, expenses and lost productivity. Reducing travel also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, so it environmentally friendly.  The IT staff use encrypted remote access to workstations and servers, printers and other networked office network equipment to transfer files, telework and monitor systems. The building has multiple network cameras on different floors to enable real-time video monitoring from anywhere from a computer or cell phone.  Entrances and rooms are monitored to detect motion outside of normal business hours.  Should motion be detected, email alerts can be sent. The recipient then views the live video feed to determine if the alert was an unauthorized entry or staff after-hours.  Video is also critical to the data centre when alerts for temperature, humidity, CO, power or other issues are received. The screenshot at right shows three cameras currently in use.  Most sub $100 cameras come with capable software, but the CF system uses Blue Iris software ($50) that can simultaneously manage up to 64 cameras ranging from low-end USB webcams to high- end DV camcorders and IP cameras.  
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