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Economic Stimulus

Economic Opportunities / Downtown Revitalization The BC Technology Industry Association recently reported that the tech sector is the largest employer in BC and creates more jobs than forestry, mining, and oil and gas combined.  Without broadband it is difficult to attract technology companies or help foster local tech start-ups.   When commericial access to business grade broadband becomes available it will create a whole new market for service providers and remove barriers to tech firms that could not do business in Trail in the past.  Why Upload Speed Matters Slow upload speeds make many types of data transfer difficult or impossible.  Large uploads such as audio and video for customers can take hours and may become corrupt in the transfer.  Even common business tasks such as offsite data backup and premises video surveillance require upload speeds far faster than what is currently available. The Trail fibre network is synchronous, so upload and download speeds will be the same.  Most standard DSL and cable packages throttle upload speeds to between 0.5 and 1Mbps, but customers often find their actual speed to be much slower.   The table at right shows how long a data transfer will take at different speeds.  Data transfer speeds can be tested at  www.speedtest.net.    
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