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Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ. Not answered here?  Please ask your question on our Contact page. How do I get my building connected? 1) Ensure you are in the downtown Trail fibre footprint. 2) Complete and have the property owner sign the City of Trail dark fibre application. 3) Applications received before December 31, 2014 quailfy for a 50% reduction in installation costs.     After December 31 full fees will apply.  The current average estimated installation cost is $1,500.     What if I have multiple businesses in my building? Like a telephone service, every business will require a separate connection.  When completing the application for dark fibre ensure you include each civic address you wish to connect.  If your building uses suite numbers such as Suite 1, Suite 2, etc., ensure you list all suites for every business. What if I own multiple buildings? Fill out one application for every building you own. Will I know if my application was successful? The City of Trail will process applications as they are received.  You will be contacted prior to fibre hook-up, but be will not contacted regarding your application unless there is a problem or if clarification is requried.  Will I have to change my email address? If you use a cloud email provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc., your email will not be effected.  If you use an address provided by your ISP it will be lost when you change providers.  To avoid email interruptions we highly recommend switching to cloud based email or purchasing a domain with email service for a more professional look. Canadian .ca domains typically cost less than $12 per year.  
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