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Case: GCM Consultants -Trail Division Connectivity GCM Consultants Trail Division gained access to fibre by locating in the South Kootenay Business Centre.  The Business Centre is serviced by the same fibre that services Community Futures. GCM Consultants currently uses a 25Mb/s connection. Business Case GCM Consultants is a Montreal based company that provides engineering consulting services for a wide range of industries including metallurgy, pulp and paper, oil and gas, manufacturing, and food.  When the firm opened their first office in British Columbia a stringent location requirement was access to symmetrical high speed broadband. The Trail division uses a virtual private network appliance and proprietary software to securely transfer large CAD files, presentations, photographs and other digital assets between their nine offices across Canada and customer data vaults.  Desktop video conferencing is also used extensively for inter-office communications. Trail was chosen to open a small satellite office as it was the only city near clients able to offer commercial access to fibre at an affordable cost.  Without access to synchronous broadband (same upload as download speed) it is doubtful GCM Consultants would have an office in British Columbia due to the high cost of alternative business grade broadband.  
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