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Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal Fibre Utilization The City of Trail has utilized fibre since 2007 when it acquired the rights to 96 strands of the Columbia Mountain Open Network fibre (CMON). The fibre connects Trail City Hall, the Trail Memorial Centre, the Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre, and the Public Works buildings.  Fibre has a minimum 25 year useful lifetime and saves the municipality roughly $100,000 each year in communications costs. The City has a long-term commitment to fibre and a strong desire to provision fibre broadband in Trail to stimulate economic development. Providing Commercial Access In 2010 a consultant’s report estimated the cost to deploy fibre in downtown Trail at $750,000.  A year later the CMON assets were purchased by Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation (CBBC). The CBBC planned to extend the fibre backbone across Trail into a newly completed data centre.  The City of Trail ran new municipal fibre to service downtown merchants at the same time CBBC extended the backbone.  The City’s cost for the co-build was a fraction of the consultants estimate and was completed in the summer of 2013. The final phase of the municipal fibre infrastructure was the link from outdoor utility pole into commercial buildings.  The build was completed in 2014 and ready to serve downtown Trail businesses.  The diagram at right shows interconnections between the CBBC feeder fibre, municipal fibre, municipal service fibre, and leased government fibre.  
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