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Open Access Network Model

Current Access Model Communication companies such as Telus and Shaw own network infrastructure to provide services across a wide geographic area. Generally they only offer predefined, dedicated services such as telephone, television, and internet. The CRTC mandates these companies must provide independent internet service providers (ISP) with access to their distribution infrastructure at a wholesale rate set by the CRTC.  The ISP then resells the same service plan as their upstream provider, but typically offers the customer an ISP branded email address, technical support and sometimes web hosting services.  The ISP is limited to the packages they can offer and the services they can provide on the network, so most only offer web, email and hosting.  Affordable access choices in Trail can be summarized as Telus, Shaw, or a reseller of their services. Open Access Model In the open access model the network is owned and operated independently from the services that run on it. The relationship between ISP and the owner(s) of an open access network is similar in regards to wholesale circuits, but the open system allows multiple ISPs to compete for customers on a the same network.  The fast fibre network allows ISPs to offer services they cannot offer under the current access model. The network can have service providers for VoIP phone, business surveillance, point of sale services, e-health, television, data backup services, video-on-demand, and a wide range of other cloud based services. Competition at the service level does not allow natural monopolies to form as they do in closed wire systems.  Customers are free to choose their favorite service provider.  Service providers may compete by offering better pricing, better service, better customer support, or services no one else is providing.  The more subscribers the open network has the more interest and competition there will from local ISPs to provision services on the network.  This is good for customers and can help create jobs when local firms offer innovative new services.  
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