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Pricing Models

Other Municipalities Every municipality connected to the CBBC open network will control how their municipality uses the network and how installation and maintenance costs are recovered.  Some may choose to be revenue neutral while others generate revenue.  Most that choose to provide commercial access will use a third party internet service provider (ISP) to provide service and manage customers.    The Three Tiers of Ownership & Management The City of Trail will use third party ISPs to provision services and be revenue neutral.  The ISP will manage all aspects of customer service and support. The role of the City and CBBC will be transparent to the end customer.  To provide services the ISP will rent one distribution fibre per customer from the City of Trail and one feeder fibre service port from the CBBC for network access.  The diagram at right shows the ownership and management relationship between the three entities.   End Customer Pricing Internet Service Providers will offer service packages and set pricing.  Using current equipment ISPs can offer any speed up to 100Mb/s. The City of Trail wishes to offer a range of speeds with affordable pricing to ensure all businesses can benefit from the municipal fibre and only pay for what they need. It is anticipated services will be comparably priced with Telus and Shaw business connections and offer much faster network speeds.  
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