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Sample Business Cases

Business Case #1 -Restaurant When customers are pressed for time, they appreciate fast service and quick payment options. To visualize how broadband and technology can aid a business, imagine walking into a small popular restaurant at noon. The Traditional Restaurant at Noon As you wait behind a group of five waiting to be seated for lunch you see one frenzied server taking an order, a group gathered at the unattended cash register waiting to pay, and tables that have obviously not ordered yet. You don’t really like waiting in lineups, and you only have 30 minutes before you have to leave to go back to work. Do you wait in line or do you leave? The Progressive Restaurant at Noon Now imagine the same restaurant has embraced cloud computing on their new POS system.  You get a daily tweet on their lunch specials at 11:30, and todays special sounds great!  You arrive shortly after noon, see no lineups anywhere, and are quickly seated. Your server takes your order and transmits it to the kitchen on their iPad, then goes directly to the next table. When the bill arrives you pay at table through the iPad’s credit-card reader and leave. Even though the restaurant was busy and there was only one server you received great service. Impact on the Bottom Line For the restaurant owner expediting the process means more customers can be seated, served and make payments during busy times. This can reduce staffing needs, improve the customer experience and result in fewer walk-outs during peak times. Social media can help reduce advertising costs and help build customer relationships.   
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